Q: Why should we choose Western Red Cedar?
Aside from the natural beauty and warm colors of Western Red Cedar that cannot be duplicated using any other wood, cedar has exceptional dimensional stability (resists cracking and warping), it has a superior thermal co-efficient than almost any other wood (cool to sit on even on a hot day), and it is very strong.

Furthermore, because of the natural oils that cedar produces, it is one of the most rot, decay and insect resistant woods available, and it does not require unhealthy pressure treating to achieve this.
Q: Why do you use Stainless Steel Screws and Bolts?

The same naturally occurring oils that make cedar decay and insect resistant also react with galvanized and zinc coated fasteners, eventually causing unsightly stains, marks and streaks everywhere they come into contact with the cedar. This is a process that is greatly accelerated near coastal areas. Galvanized and zinc coated fasteners are also vulnerable to oxidization which may cause rust stains to appear.

Stainless steel does not react in any way with cedar and does not weaken over time due to oxidization. Stainless steel is simply a superior metal.

Q: Is the furniture hard to assemble?

No! Some of our furniture already comes fully assembled, so all you need to do is unwrap it and start enjoying it! The pieces that do require some assembly are quick and easy to complete, and come with easy to follow instructions. About 10 to 15 minutes is the most you’ll probably spend on any piece. Every product comes with a complete bag with the necessary elements, (screws, nuts and bolts) inclusive required tools like a screwdriver en wrenches. See e.g.  the assembling instructions for the Simply Adirondack.

We do not sell “kits” that require a lot of work, special tools and which are not fully finished. All of our furniture is ready to use, occasionally with just a few screws, nuts and bolts to put in.

Furniture Maintenance

Q: What maintenance is required for my OYA Chairs furniture?

It is not absolutely necessary to do anything to maintain your furniture, although if it is treated with stain and brought indoors during the winter the service life of your furniture will be greatly increased. If left untreated and unstained, it will weather to a beautiful silvery patina gray color.

Q: Can I leave the furniture outside all year?

Our furniture has no problem standing up to the elements because of the strength and stability of cedar and because we use stainless steel fasteners. You can leave it outdoors all year round. If properly maintained, we expect our furniture to last for decades if left outdoors year after year. If you bring it inside each winter and take good care of it then it could last forever.